As much as it’s been frustrating to not be able to get out and enjoy this weather on my bike thanks to my dodgy back, I’ve still been having a lot of fun learning to fly Sparky the drone and experimenting with the various shooting modes. I’ve even taken him on two actual Dair Magazine work shoots this week and used him both at the Wisely golf club and at the Arsenal FC training ground. It’s so quick to set up and fly.
So a week or so ago I did this very short (and painful) ride for the sole purpose of testing Active Track mode on my bike. Just got around to editing it, which I realise now makes the whole process look like it was much more straightforward than it actually was.

In reality, there’s a lot of practicalities that I need to iron out in order to make drone shooting mid-ride easy and quick rather than a massive frustrating ball ache which it currently is. No massive rush though since it’s likely to be a few more weeks before I’m riding with any regularity, my back is improving but much slower than I’d like.