It’s clearly a long time since I last posted, and any followers still hanging on to my Instagram to see if I’ll start making videos and talking about cycling again have scarcely been rewarded – I salute you if you’re still interested in what I’m up to at this point. I didn’t want to write a long post filled with excuses on why my blog and my Instagram went so spectacularly off the rails, so I’ll TL;DR it below:

Bought house, built kitchen from scratch, DIY’d every weekend of last summer, ran a Tough Mudder, started riding to work 4 times/week in winter, re-injured my S5/L1 disc three weeks ago.

So my plans to revive my cycling and filmmaking activities with the coming of spring are suffering a bit of a setback, with my lower back disc injury from 4 years ago rearing it’s unwelcome little head just as I was feeling my fitness and confidence return, and as the weather started to cheer up.

But now, almost 3 weeks since descending into spasms of pain while climbing on my bike to go for my first ride with friend Ben in over a year, I’m happy to say it’s getting better fast. Still no riding allowed for ~10 days, or I risk re-injuring it, but I can do 10 days.

In the mean time, I have been itching to re-start my vlog but since I have very little in the way of cycling imagery to share, and since it’s Thursday, I’ll do a #TBT to that one (and only) time 2 years ago this month that I tried actually racing my bike. What a bloody fool.